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Gf Revenge Sexy Miss Missy Torrent

Gf Revenge Sexy Miss Missy

This guy knew he was about to get a sneak peek at his girlfriend’s sexy new swimsuit, so he decided to break out his camera to document the show. We didn’t receive any explanation or submission letter along with the video so we can only assume that this guy just wanted to share his girlfriend’s talents with the rest of the world. Maybe watching a fashion show is as unmanly as we first thought. This video is the proof…..!

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Gf Revenge Check This Out

Gf Revenge Check This Out

The sexy blonde in this week’s GF Revenge submission will make you want to watch it again and again. According to the submission letter that came along with the video, this guy was the one that broke up
with her. Although, we couldn’t imagine why. This blonde bombshell has a tight body and a pair of perky tits that you won’t soon forget. We’re guessing this guy will have his share of regrets sooner than later, but as always, one ex-boyfriend’s loss is GF Revenge’s gain…..!

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Alex had a big race today so I decided to show her a little support. It just so happens the support came while she was taking a bath. She was getting mentally prepared for it and even lit candles to cool down her nerves. It being my babe, I barged in and decided it was the perfect way to motivate her while getting a little quickie in! Alex was super surprised when I walked in but she soon forgot about it when she got on her knees. I put my fat cock in her mouth and she was so fucking happy I did

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