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Alex had a big race today so I decided to show her a little support. It just so happens the support came while she was taking a bath. She was getting mentally prepared for it and even lit candles to cool down her nerves. It being my babe, I barged in and decided it was the perfect way to motivate her while getting a little quickie in! Alex was super surprised when I walked in but she soon forgot about it when she got on her knees. I put my fat cock in her mouth and she was so fucking happy I did

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Gf Revenge Double Up Torrent

Gf Revenge Double Up

Because these ladies love sharing cock so much, it’s no problem when they take turns fucking the others boyfriend. He starts off banging one babe while the other is in the other room. After she has a good dicking, her girlfriend comes back for her turn. From there, the two ladies join forces and DOUBLE UP in a super hot threesome. There is oral, lesbian, and hardcore sex all at the same time. It’s so damn hot you have to see it to believe it. But I won’t give away the ending. You just have to see this fuck fest transpires for yourself…..!

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Gf Revenge Suck on This Torrent

Gf Revenge Suck on This

When it comes to making sex tapes, guys are usually the ones that initialize everything. From coming up with the idea to even holding the camera, men are notorious for coming up with different ways to keep sex new and exciting. But, in this weeks submission to GF Revenge, it’s the girl who comes up with the plan of videotaping herself having sex with her boyfriend. She might have even been the person who sent us the video in the first place (although we can’t be sure about that). All we know is that we got a totally anonymous video with a horny chick that likes to give blowjobs and fuck on camera. What else could we ask for…..?

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Gf Revenge Naughty Girls Torrent

Gf Revenge Naughty Girls

This video starts off with talk of a CRAZY night before. The guy recording the video focuses on the ass of Nadia, who is his girlfriend’s BFF. She tells him she doesn’t want to be a home wrecker when he asks her about last night, so we know there was definitely some freaky shit going down. What we soon find out is that it was some hot girl-on-girl action, and that these ladies want to go for another round, only this time it’ll be a FFM threesome, and the whole thing will be on video.

It doesn’t take long for the ladies to strip down and make out. The guy recording has his pants pulled down by his girlfriend, and she starts blowing him. But it isn’t long before she’s holding her boyfriend’s cock, so her girlfriend can suck it too. But maybe the problem came in when her boyfriend preferred to fuck her friend Nadia more and even preferred to jizz in her mouth….!

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Gf Revenge Smile For Me Torrent

Gf Revenge Smile For Me

The sexy brunette featured in this week’s submission might look innocent at first but you’ll see how quickly that all changes. You should know by now that there is no such thing as an “innocent” girl here on GFR. They’re all guilty of something; especially this girl. According to the submission letter we received with this video, this poor guy heard from 3 different people about his girlfriend cheating on him behind his back. Sure enough, once he confronted her about it, she admitted to what she had done. They tried to work it out but he just couldn’t get over the fact that he’d been cheated on. He’s over it now though. Funny how releasing a sex tape of the girl that did you wrong can make you feel better….!

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